Monday, April 27, 2009

10 ways to prevent cancer diseases:

1. Do not do weddings or related to the sex very early age (under 16 years).

2. Do not keep changing as couples tend to disadvantage women in terms of physical and psychological.

3. Do not forget to do regular checks, especially when you are at the age of 20 years and over, because many cases of breast cancer is found or ovarium cancer / uterus cancer at a young age. Pap smear and check the CA 125 blood or biopsy (mammogram) to detect and find the symptoms of the disease earlier. This is especially recommended for women who have a history of cancer in family members, especially from the mother.

4. Avoid the use of the tool spiral (IUD) for long periods because it can cause irritation and flek at the mouth of the womb. Womb of injury akan vulnerable virus. The use of hormone pills and KB is also considered to trigger the growth of cyst (tumor type).

5. Prevent eating patterns that are less nutritious, food preservative and contains chemicals, food consumption and low fiber because it can disrupt the growth of normal cells.

6. Avoid prolonged stress can trigger changes in hormone balance and harmful to the frame of mind. Weaken resistance against the body in the seeds of disease and viruses.

7. Avoid smoking and alcoholic beverages that will make a "dehydration" vital organs in the body.

8. Do not consume drugs and supplements that are not controlled because it can cause irritation in some vital equipment such as body, stomach, lever, kidney and blood vessel which in turn can cause damage to the network.

9. Avoid air pollution and blazing sun that impact is very bad for the health body. Wherever possible avoid long-berlama outside the home without any protection.

10. Do not wear in the tight and moist. This causes irritation to the skin, preventing the circulation of blood and organ damage ph natural shyness. Germs and bacteria grow easily in humid areas and less clean.


Recognizing the symptoms of cancer in women and prevent stiffs

Cancer is one of the most off the disease at this time. Men, women, old, young, rich and poor can get this dangerous disease. Disease cancer symptoms are often not visible, unless already on stage (stadium) information. Therefore, many people who suffer the disease of cancer is very difficult to be cured. Disease cancer have diverse and sometimes does not show signs or symptoms that means. Type of cancer the disease that often attacks the women are usually referred to as womb cancer (ovarium cancer) and breast cancer. Based on personal experience of the author, the following are some signs or symptoms that may arise.

* Pain nausea and dizziness. Symptoms are often felt at the time the condition has begun to fester. This is caused by a decrease in blood hemoglobin (Hb low). Cadaverous face appears and colors.
Weight agency began shrink. Although appetite is good, but not visible increase in the mean body weight. Even the body began to thin, lethargic and easily tired.

* Signs of breast cancer, namely the existence of one or more of the pain that is not benjolan around the armpit and breast. Around the stalk reddish color and curl into the hilt. There are liquids that are not reasonable exit from stalk. Skin wrinkled or swollen breasts. At the worse, start removing the stalk blood and pus.

* In the ovarium cancer there are symptoms or signs such as the stomach, waist, hip and feel pain. Can feel the pain to the legs. The fluid out of the genitalia smell sting. Often experience excessive bleeding during menstruation. Schedule period is not regular.

* Pain that is not soon recover and grow even worse may be the signs of cancer cells.


Saturday, April 18, 2009

5 Tips to reduce Stress Conditions

Generally, people who work too hard or workaholic tends to be less attention to health, because the various symptoms such as backache, pain in hands, headaches and other complaints often they felt. Substantively change the pattern of lifestyle and health care more attention needs to be done by those workaholic, but apparently there is some treatment that can be applied to reduce the various complaints that arise.

1. Watch Body postures
According to research, the body should remain in the effort but rileks upright position while seated. Back rest should be able to withstand indentation on the bottom of the spine. Corner of the thigh and the waist should be 90 degrees or more. Adjust the height of chairs so that the foot can stand fully on the floor. Use the tool rest your feet, if not able to adjust the chair so that feet can still stand.

2. Protect Neck
According to expert advice, head and neck should remain in neutral position as much as possible. If not, you will suffer headaches or shoulder pain. When you work in front of the computer, the chin should be parallel with the center of the monitor screen or with a given material. If the data is printing material, to Avoid menggerak move down to the neck or to the side. Therefore, the tool clamp placed on the monitor can be used to increase the data is in line with the view that eye.

3. Move your Body
Sitting in front of the computer or movements do the same, such as typing, can lead to tense muscles. In the long run, this movement can disrupt the normal day-to-day. Therefore, experts recommend that you take some time peregangan simple movement of every two hours.

4. move back and fingers hand
To remove the feeling of suspense in the neck, move the head slowly from left to right or vice versa. While sitting, do the bottom of the movement back to the slowly bend knee and touching the floor. Do the motion with the hands and fingers to open and close as many as 10 times.

5. Eat nutritious food order for The Healthy Body
Make sure you drink enough water. Do not consume too much caffeine or drink berkarbonat, because this will interfere with the type of body and cause dehydration. Eat fruit, boiled vegetables, or meat without fat, and avoid chewing. Peppermint akan increase blood sugar quickly, so that the body's own health.


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tips How to check the performance of your Antivirus

The most provoking is that we are exposed to computer viruses. Not only that so hampered the work, the files are important infected participate. But you have to install Antivirus in your computer and update your routine, but still only, virus attack your computer.

Do not blame anti-first, who knows you install your antivirus and anti-virus does not work optimally (eg, do not do real time scanning) so that eventually escape to anticipation of a virus. Nah, to check whether your antivirus is running well and keeping your computer in real time against the danger of the virus, you can perform a simple test following steps:

1. Copy of 'sentence' below and then paste in Notepad


2. Saving the file. If your Antivirus is running well, passing the file you are saving will be detected by antivirus as "EICAR-STANDARD-ANTIVIRUS-TEST-FILE! $ H + H" which is made EICAR test file to check the performance of your antivirus.

3. If not detected by your antivirus, you try to change the file extension so *. exe or *. com or *. doc, *. txt in addition to the main

4. If you still can not be detected, it can be your antivirus does not run well in real time, and this can cause your computer virus fell ill, even though you have antivirus installed.

5. If not detected in real time, now try to scan the file manually with your antivirus, if the manual scan is still not detected, it is time you change your antivirus.


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